Quick Cleansing Tips to Reset

Quick Cleansing Tips to Reset

At their most basic function, cleansing rituals are designed to help you clear psychic and spiritual debris. Much of this debris is cumulative, constantly dog piled by daily activities and life stresses. As you grow in your intuitive powers, you become aware of how this "debris" affects you in various ways and will feel the need to maintain regular spiritual hygiene.

Cleansing rituals will remove parasitic attachments to and low-level energies that can interfere with or outright block your ritual work. Cleansing rituals invites benevolent spirits and divine blessings to enter instead.

You should formally begin any if your spellwork or rituals with a cleansing, as an indicator of respect to the spirits you're inviting into your space as revered guests. You will want to have a regular cleansing schedule to match your specific needs.

If a room feels off, creepy, weird or heavy then this is a sign that space needs cleansing. If a dog or other animal reacts skittishly in an area, there may be negative energy lingering. Areas where violence, emotional disruption or arguments occurred should be cleansed immediately.

Fumigation is one method of cleansing, as the burning of botanicals releases their magical powers and produces profound spiritual effects. Cleansing through smoke is considered to be one of the most effective methods of cleansing, as the effects last as long as the aroma lingers. Make sure there is enough smoke to permeate the air. Smude sticks (small wand botanicals) are a great source for directing smoke.

Some cleansing herbs are: cinnamon, sandalwood, thyme, peppermint, cloves, benzoin, yarrow, rosemary, onion, eucalyptus, myrrh, onion, frankincense, mugwort.

In the corners or rooms, place large amethysts to absorb as vacuums for negative energies. Once they begin to look dull, give them a cleanse and a recharge.

Vulnerable areas to cleanse can include: thresholds, doors, windows, sills, attics, (dark) corners that feel especially creepy, bathrooms, under the bed, closets, basements, mirrors, vehicles, shoes.

Another method for space cleansing is to place a cup or bowl of vinegar in any room that needs it, replacing once a week. If desired, add a square of camphor and frankincense oil for scent.

Personal cleansing are best when done when preparing to do spells or rituals. They will remove any accumulated spiritual debris obstructing the outcome of your work, and they will fill you with power.

Asperging (sprinkling water or liquid to produce magical effect) beings the cleansing power of water into a specific area. This method is good for cleansing tools, plants and small spaces and can be done by using your fingers to flick the liquid.

If you are doing regular spiritual work, you should be doing this kind of cleansing weekly. The effects are felt immediately and should leave you fill reinvigorated and refreshed. And while many personal cleansing are performed for yourself, they can be performed for others.

One personal cleansing ritual is to add one cup of Florida Water together with a handful of sea salt to your bath and air dry. Another is to add a cup of sea salt and a cup of vinegar to your bath. If you have special waters, such as rain water or storm water or ocean water, you can add these as well.

When cleansing objects, crystals and gemstones, you have various options. You can pass the objects through incense smoke, asperge with holy water, bury the crystal in the Earth overnight, or even exposing it to sun/moonbeams.

Floor washes are another fantastic method for spiritual cleansing and should be performed AFTER a routine clean. Make an herbal solution from boiled salted water with some white vinegar. After it has cooled for at least 20 minutes, apply in the desired areas or over the furniture or floor (outward motions. Remember, top to bottom and back to front). Let air dry.


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