Different Ways to Apply Condition Oils

Different Ways to Apply Condition Oils

How to Use Spiritual Oils

Here's an overview of how to put your condition oils to work based on what type they are.

-apply in an outward motion when your intention is to remove something; apply inwardly if you want to draw in a condition
-anoint physical objects like documents, checks, purse, etc
-Orange, yellow, and gold candles

-anoint your crown or 3rd eye before divining or performing healing work
-anoint tools like stones, pendulum, Tarot deck, scrying objects
-Purple, white, and blue candles

-the body: top of head to soles of feet before entering a situation of conflict
-the home: all corners of the property, windows, frames, thresholds
-soles of the feet to protect against evil spirits
-anoint chest to protect the heart: top of the head to protect the mind
-Nightmares: add a few drops to a bowl of sea salt and place under your bed
-Offer to your spirits and Deities of protection
-Black, red or white candles

-Wear daily as a ritual perfume
-Anoint heart chakra for universal love or self-love
-Offer to your spirits and Deities of love and romance
-Red, pink, purple candles

-Anoint pyrite stones, cash, coins, ledgers, registers, retail items, etc
-Anoint behind ears, hands, wrists, backs of knees and feet as areas of focus
-Green, purple, gold, and silver candles

If carving information into your candles, it helps to use a needle, pin, or exacto knife. A rusted nail is suitable for when dealing with enemies.

Good luck yall! 👍🏾

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