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9-Day Revocation

9-Day Revocation

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A revocation is a powerful method of spiritual cleansing and protection. The goal of a revocation is to “cancel” or “return” evil to its sources and break the effects of any malicious spirits and spells, rituals, or workings that have been levied against you. Some people need a revocation done every now and then, and some people require longer periods of work. A spiritualist under heavy attack may need 9 days or longer of revocation work. High-profile individuals are likely to need this type of work versus someone who needs 1-3 days if, say, they operate in a hostile work environment.

You can purchase a revocation service for yourself or someone else. I will simply need the full name and birthday of the individual the revocation is for. You will receive a name-stamped photo of your service and a brief report at the conclusion of your revocation. The picture is simply for your memories/keepsake/ wall decor.


  • Select a 1-Day Revocation if: uncertain, need spiritual reinforcement, under mental anguish/duress, depressed, jinxed, or blocked
  • Select a 3-Day Revocation if: you are under recent spiritual attack, feeling threatened or being actively provoked, you are around volatile people, uneasy/cornered, defeated, or like you’re “shit out of luck”
  • Select a 9-Day Revocation if: you are cleansing years/layers of spiritual debris, clearing hexes/curses, in need of active and aggressive protection, trying to break a specific life cycle, breaking a bad habit or addiction, other matters of a "heavy" nature

    Each revocation is tailored towards the individual’s need. Please be specific but brief about what you’re experiencing and what you wish to remove. Prayers, herbs and oils will be worked towards those objectives. 


If I give you a prescription of follow-up work, please complete it within 21 days. Spiritual work is immersive on my end and yours as well.


Please give me about 3-5 days to BEGIN your service after purchase, as I will need time to consider what materials/prayers/tools to use for your situation. 

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