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Follow Me Bae

Follow Me Bae

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Follow Me Bae is a powerful commanding oil, a slight twist on the more traditional Follow Me Boy/Girl hoodoo formulas to make them more unisex in their applications. Lore around FMB is typically in its applications in sex work, where workers used the oil to draw the attention of clients (usually men). It allows the user to interact with folks of authority and boost their personal commanding power in said situations as to dominate those around them. It wasn't necessarily used for arousal or love, but more of a "notice me," although some people can and do pair it in love workings. My formula emulates those properties as well.You may not anticipate it being a serious confidence booster, but it is and don't let that catch you by surprise. And when I say you will radiate confidence, it's no understatement. This oil gives you an insane amount of energy. Don't slip this to someone you're trying to dominate for obvious reasons. Don't wear it at the same time a friend is wearing in the event an argument erupts. It's excellent to wear before going out or to a meeting or any social interaction in which you want to be noticed - and can lend its commanding power to sexual interactions in the bedroom as well, but I'm a milder side. If you have a red figural candle, you can use it to represent you and rub the oil upwards to draw that energy to yourself. And you can rub a few drops on your still wet, naked body post-shower and let yourself air dry.

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