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Fuck Me

Fuck Me

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This oil increases sex drive and sexual magnetism and ups the chances of getting you laid and drawing lovers. This oil will jolt your sexual appetite and make you hornier with an intensity you've never quite imagined.This deeply fragrant scent will pull you into the moment and keep you there until you ride out the wave of utter ecstasy. Fuck Me oil helps eliminate sexual hang ups and inhibitions, allowing you to feel freer to get it on in the manner satisfying to your soul. Fuck Me inflames your spirit and enhances your stamina, which makes if the perfect weapon for a passionate session lasting all night long. If you feel things have gotten a little dusty or tense in the bedroom between you and your partner, Fuck Me oil will reignite the passion and irresistibility within the two (or more) of you, so don't be shocked if it gets suddenly frisky.Use Fuck Me oil in petitions where you want to draw a lover, ideally more than one lover. This is not a shy oil. It encourages you to be the FREAKY you, and it is imbued with the power to draw as many lovers as possible to you if you are wanting to release inhibitions. It encourages you to explore kinks and indulge in all 5 senses during every stage of your sexcapades. This oil is excellent for those who want to have good, loose and dirty fun. It frowns upon the prude and encourages your kinkster to come out and play. It's magnetising energy will draw the attention of potential playmates in more places than one. If you want to heat things up in the bedroom, mix a few drops in your laundry when washing your sheets. Light tealights dressed with Fuck Me oil doing a night of sex to layer the room in energies of eroticism, indulgence and unbridled passionate lust. Rub on your inner thighs, neck and chest to make them the centers of sexual worship.Wear in a bar or club or social scene when scouting for potential partners. On a dating app? Anoint the four corners of your phone to draw more potential loves. Fuck Me empowers to tap into your divine sexual self and exude that power in reality. It will make you feel sexy and look sexier.

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