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“I AM” oil is a holy condition oil specifically formulated to generate power, success, and protection to our transgender and non-binary siblings. This spiritual medicine is multi-purpose, as it should be, to empower them in several aspects of life and level the playing field for them in the face of a highly discriminatory social structure.

Here, first and foremost, we are giving honor and complete respect to our trans/NB family – and pay our reverences to the Sublime Powers that bear them into existence. There shall be no disrespect.

I AM oil wields the power of the numerological sequence of 010. The first 0 is symbolic of the Everything and the Nothing, from which manifestation efforts and Self begins (1) and ends with a final 0 to signify the return to and connection to Oneness. This is an oil for quite literally manifesting the life you desire and can be used for any petition to materialize your wishes and efforts.

1) “I AM” oil is the Holiest of all my condition oils – its birth a highly ritualized, multi-layered process of creation and is made up of ONLY the holiest of ingredients. Its primary power in this context is that of Purification – removing ALL unwanted and negative energies, digging deep into the spirit and expelling jealousy, rage, disease, anger, easing emotionally-battering traumas, clearing out emotional baggage and blockages, reversing microaggressions, tearing down unnecessary defenses and chipping away at unhealthy coping mechanisms, sealing up the many faces of internalized pains, and aggressively driving out lingering little evils.

Thus, I AM oil works also as a Road Opener in this way by CRUSHING obstructions, generating divine and ancestral luck, and calling blessings home that have been held captive by others, and by the pressures of conformity of society.

This is an oil of ALIGNMENT for our trans/non-binary kin, clearing the mind of gnawing thoughts and uncertainties, and unifying the mind, body, and spirit to states of self-acceptance and transcendence – serving as reminders you are not only as powerful as you ARE but also as you are BECOMING. The oil boosts courage, perseverance, and sharpness.

To achieve the Purifying effect, rub yourself down with the oil, head to feet, preferably after a bath or before you turn in for the night. You may couple this action with prayer and affirmation. You may also use white or purple candles. Adding 3 drops to a load of laundry occasionally will also kill of any pesky residues.

2) I AM oil also has highly protective powers by extension and can be used in any protection ritual. Rub a few drops discreetly on your shoes (doesn’t matter where, but don’t mess up ya kicks) to protect you while you’re on the move and to stimulate blessings, favor and serendipity as you go.

Bless your front door or mark the thresholds of your windows with an “X” to protect your home from harm and do similar methods if you are operating in the workspace.

Dress your body with it if you desire, paying attention to anoint your temples, your throat and heart chakras especially. If you find yourself having an anxious day, rubbing some oil around your neck, your wrists and the backs of your ears will help quiet your mind, raise your vibration, and make you feel elevated and more relaxed. It promotes overall spiritual and emotional healing.

3) I AM oil’s formula is a sacred one, and so its ingredients have power to bestow abundance, good fortune, and helps you stabilize – materially and spiritually, bringing you into a state of harmony. You will begin to feel an intensely creeping feeling of tranquility surrounding you over time, which also make it an excellent aid for meditation.

Use for any working or spell aimed at increase – be it money, a promotion, food, or opportunities and bless whatever objects you deem necessary to speed positive conditions along to you. Pray to your ancestors to assist when doing so.

4*Lastly, I AM oil can be used as a Love Oil (for self and for drawing and enhancing power). If you have a lover, use a little on them as part of a sensual massage, taking care to touch the neck, the upper chest, the inner thighs and the small of the back to stimulate passion and connection. If you are on the search or going out, anoint your pulse points from foot to head to draw out your divine shine and to counteract negativity. If you are using candles, pink, red, or green are suitable for love-related endeavors.

Available in two colors: the colors of the trans flag and the color of the non binary flag!

Sold as a curio.

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