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Red River Conjurer

Queen of Victory

Queen of Victory

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Queen of Victory oil is my ultimate reversal oil, imbued with the essence of the Red River and is a reference of honor to her power to protect and purify, as She is a saltwater river with powerful natural defenses and eviscerating currents.

Queen of Victory oil is formulated to break a range of different forms of spiritual attacks and is composed of 9 ingredients – the number of endings, closings, death of cycles. It will help you wipe the slate clean, so to speak, and start a new chapter in life after having endured the damages of being caught up in spiritual war and other forms of negativity that have assailed you.

Queen of Victory oil breaks jinxes and hexes, and their energetic cousins (gossip, lies, slander, evil eye, harmful wishes/intentions, threats, etc) and rebounds them upon their senders. Not only will it help you exorcise malevolent spells and energy by purging it away from you, but it will also help you break bad habits (and heal from them). Even more so, Queen of Victory shifts your bad luck to good luck, especially if you have been afflicted by negative energies.

In addition to all that hard work it does, Queen of Victory also protects you against evil eye, guards your psychic energy, helps repair your aura, and purifies your mind and body. When the oil has done its clearing work, it then gives courage to those facing danger, increases your personal power, draws and improves your luck, draws the respect and admiration of others, and fills your energy fields with love and light. You may also use this oil when petitioning for a favorable outcome in legal matters.

Some ideas and suggestions for you to employ this oil are:

•Dressing double action candles with this oil and burning them/starting a petition
•Dressing your white candles with oil when performing a Revocation
•Dressing red, white/ or black candles when petitioning for protection, banishment, or purification and when using mirrors in any such rituals
•Anointing all seven chakras.
•Rubbing your body downward with this oil (skin patch test first as always, major pulse points are fine though but move from head to foot)
•Adding to any cleansing floorwashes and blessing your front door, especially if unsavory company has just left
•Blessing the underside of your work desk if you’re dealing with unscrupulous coworkers and managers. If this is the case, definitely wear as often as you need when you have to be at work
•Adding just a few drops to bodywashes to cleanse negative conditions away from you (couple this with prayers or affirmations)
Blessing any amulets, like those meant to protect against the evil eye and also cleansing mundane e objects of negativity from others
•If you are doing binding or domination type work involving the use of pins (like beef tongue), dip the pins in the reversal oil first
•Adding 1 – 3 drops to the laundry water
•Use in conjunction with my Revocation Prayer

Incorporate uses in other sensible ways that you can adapt to fit your specific needs and pain points as there are many varied uses of reversal oils.

May you march forward in wealth!

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