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Red River Conjurer

Red River Van Van

Red River Van Van

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This version of the traditional Hoodoo Van Van oil is additionally imbued with the essence of and blessed by the river spirits of the Red River for turning bad luck into good fortune. As such, this specific blend of Van Van is aimed at purification and clearing out evil among other conditions.

Here locally, the Red River is associated with thriving business and commerce, so this oil is excellent for work in entrepreneurship, financial luck, strong and steady success, abundance, and generating romance in one’s life because of the Red’s popularity in being a haven for love and (all) matters requiring relationships of some sort.

In business and money matters, use Van Van to drum up more sales, clients and customers and repel stagnancy. Rub it into your register, your business materials where you need luck, and even simply wear to events and gigs where you want to own the room. This is a good oil to use for people who need to get through their work day without too much hassle and stress. It's also an oil that you can use for inspiration when seeking new business opportunities, such as starting your own ventures or for thinking of strategies when aiming for a promotion or some other serious career move.

In love and romantic matters, use with pink, red, and purple candles. Anoint behind your ear and on your wrists to channel an alluring aura and even add a drop in your shoes when going on a potential date or a night on the town with some friends. It has a cool, sultry scent that is perfect for helping captivate your love's attention.In protection matters, use Red River Van Van for quick but powerful cleansing and to deflect harm and danger. If you've been experiencing a run of bad luck, use this oil as a form of warding and also turning the situation on its head so that you can come out victorious.

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